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If you are looking for a technical post on how to increase your ROI with SEO, this is not that post. Instead this is a post on how to work well with your SEO company to help you not spin your wheels and not waste money. Good SEO services are not cheap and you want to maximize your ROI. You need to find a company or individual that is willing to work with you and not for you. It should be a give and take relationship.

Keyword Research.

I have spoken to several search engine optimization firms and the first step is asking thier new clients for a list of competitors. This is the first breakdown. Most companies do not know who they are or what they are about. I have heard time and time again, there is nobody offering what I offer. This a big mistake. Your SEO needs to know how your competition is for research.

There is something much worse then not being able to identify your competitors, its naming the wrong ones. I have seen it time and time again where a new client has listed 5 competitors that are not even in his city or county. This error will hinder and waste time that could be spent working on better keywords.

How to finalize keyword selection.

You will be presented a list of keywords to target for your campaign. A majoirty of the keywords lists, we be high volume keywords, ie. keywords that get high monthly search volumes. This biggest mistake I see time and time again is companies wanting to target big ticket items. For example a dentist, will get more searches for dentist and their city or county. Instead they want to focus on areas of their practice that they make more money in, like dental implants and their location. The problem with this is that people are more inclined to search for a dentist and not an dental implant dentist in Denver. You need a wider net to gain the best traction.

Content Creation

In order for your website to rank, you need to have content on your site for your keywords. It used to be that you could rank for a keyword without having it in your web content. Those days are long gone. I have seen people come to me and ask for my help to figure out why they are not ranking, I have to tell them that they are missing content. Simply put, you will not get mail delivered to your house without a mail box, so you will not rank with out the written content. Make sure you get any content written approved as soon as you can. Your SEO person is waiting on this content for thier link building strategy.

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