Jason Brown Over The Top Marketing SEO Manager

Who is Jason Brown Over The Top Marketing SEO Manager? Jason Brown has 12 years working in Search Engine Optimization. He was originally hired as a project manager for a web design company. The company built online gambling websites until Congress pass laws making online gambling illegal. The company had to change or face going out of business. The company started offering website content and Search Engine Optimization services. Yes, it was link building. This was the old days of SEO where links were all you needed to rank. Nobody had ever of the Penguin Algo or Manual actions.

Jason Brown ended up using his SEO skills to take on Acteva, an online event management company that owed his wife’s company $26,000. He built out a website to attempt to publicly shame the company into making restitution. The company was flat broke and ended up filling for bankruptcy after owing over 56 businesses money.

Mr. Brown ended up working for an SEO company for almost two years. While Jason learned a lot, he saw that the company was headed for disaster and he quit. Shortly after, the company imploded and a mass exodus ensued.  The company listings became filled with negative reviews from angry and upset customers.

Mr. Brown attempted to start his own SEO firm after a short stint with yet another bad SEO company. Mr. Brown had two clients and decided he wanted to have steady and stable work. In June 2016, Mr. Brown was hired by Over The Top Marketing as the SEO Manager for a large nationwide franchise.

In December 2016, Jason Brown started his side project Review Fraud to battle the online fake review industry. Mr Brown has been featured on several NBC News reports in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Miami, and Tampa. He has also been featured in Indianapolis, Milwaukee and most recently on CNBC. Mr. Brown has also become a Top Contributor on the GMB forum assisting business owners to deal with fake online reviews and businesses. Mr. Jason Brown will also be speaking alongside Greg Gifford at Pubcon Vegas in October 2018.  Get your tickets now.

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