sharks circling 1
I started learning about online reputation by watching three different companies implode when faced with negative reviews. I learned about behaviors brands should avoid during a crisis.  I also learned a great deal about people who file complaints when they have been upset by companies. After watching two epic melt […]

Lessons learned from ORM meltdowns

h1 and seo
Proper Use of Heads One of the elements that you have to pay attention to when you’re writing “search engine tasty content” as defined in previous articles, is the proper use of heads. Heads, as defined in this article, are the “Headings” which are defined in code by the HTML […]

H1 Tags and SEO

Technical SEO in 2016 FTW. Welcome to 2016! The year has changed but the principals in SEO have not. Its time get serious about Search Engine Optimization and how it relates to you. Get started on the path to SEO gold as we welcome in the new year. A few […]

Technical SEO for 2016