Events: The Secret Link Building Weapon For Small Business

In the world of small business SEO, it can feel like an uphill battle when it comes to link building. The “big boys” don’t see you as important enough to bother, and other businesses may also see collaborating with you as a limited return on their investment, if they even bother to reply or respond to you. The good news is that small businesses can quickly build a significant number of locally relevant links without a huge investment of time/budget by leveraging what happens in the real world for linkbuilding.

Real Life Example Of Event Based Link Building

I was recently working with a client here in Nashville in a “boring industry”, they manufacture steel doors & bathroom partitions, yawn! But this client mentioned in an offhand manner on a call that they were having a small meeting with some local contractors to review ADA compliance. Jackpot!

That boring meeting you were planning? Yep, you can earn legitimate links from it!

That boring meeting you were planning? Yep, you can earn legitimate links from it!

I got them to provide me with a 2 paragraph blurb on what was going to be covered in that industry specific meeting and went to work! First I prepared an event blog post and published it to their blog.

Step Two: National Event Aggregators

Eventbrite and Eventful to add listings for the event. I made sure to include a link to the company  homepage and to the actual event page in the DESCRIPTION field as well as fully filling out the event listing. These sites distribute their content to a network of local websites for you. Boom, free link building. The nice thing is that the links in the description field on several of those propagated locations even gave followed links.

Last Stop: Local Event Sites

Popping in a “nashville events” query gave me a little bit of sleuth work to find out which of them pulled from the aggregators and which allowed you to enter your own listing. After 30 minutes I had 7 sites on a list. 1 hour later I had business listings, profiles and event listings added!

Bonus: The Business Found The Post Useful

The real winner for this strategy was having the business finding it helpful to have a blog post they could refer to for the attendees where they could add links to PDFs, websites and other resources they mentioned in the meeting. This turned a link building exercise back into a value add for them directly.

So…have any boring meetings scheduled? Think you might convince your client to host a meeting onsite or offsite? Let me know how it goes in the comments!


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