how do i get my business on google maps

how do i get my business on google mapsIf you are not using Google Maps, you are missing out on a wealth of potential for promoting your business. However, you need to know how to claim your business on Google in order to make the most of this powerful tool. If you are wondering how to get your business on Google maps, SEO Counsel can help.

Utilizing the Power of Google Maps

One of the most common questions we hear at SEO Counsel is, “How do I get my business on Google maps?” It is not surprising that we hear this question often, given that more and more business owners are realizing the inherent power of local search engine optimization, even if they are national or global companies.

Google My Business is the latest iteration connecting Google search, maps and Google+ with a range of other products such as Google Analytics, Insights and Reviews. This one convenient application will allow users to easily manage all features in one interface and will help your customers to quickly find you online. Even if you are not concerned with “local” traffic, Google My Business can still work for you!

How Does SEO Counsel Help Me With Google My Business?

Google My Business is an incredible and powerful tool. However, if it is not set up properly, you will never rank in the search engines the way you want to. You can use Google My Business for branding, local search marketing services and a host of other purposes, but you must know how to set up your company’s account to best utilize the features you want.

This is where SEO Counsel can help. Our years of experience in working with Google Maps and other applications have given us the skill to quickly set up your Google My Business account effectively so that you will immediately start seeing traffic. We can help you:

  • Find and create your correct business location and type.
  • Create a Google+ page.
  • Add media such as profile pictures and video to your account.
  • Publish your Google My Business so that your customers can find you.

Why Do I Need Local SEO?

All of the focus on national and international search engine results has deflected attention from an incredibly powerful source of marketing for your business:  local SEO. If you have a physical location, you need local SEO; it is that simple. Even if you are completely virtual, local SEO can help you define and defend your niche, even in a very competitive market.

Even more important, local SEO not only benefits you locally; it also has the effect of boosting your overall SEO efforts. When you can show up in the Local Carousel or Map Pack, you are appearing at the top of the search engine results! In fact, Map Pack shows above organic results on mobile websites—a coveted spot on the search engine results pages.

How Does SEO Counsel Support My Local SEO?

Ranking highly in local results is no accident. You may already have a great website, but if you cannot get your company to show in the SERPs, you might as well not have a website! Here is how we at SEO Counsel go about making sure that your local SEO is optimized:

  • Fix your website. First, we examine your website and ensure that your landing pages are optimized to appeal to Google. We may rewrite title tags, H1 headings, URLs and other items, but we also consider your website content.  It must also be Google friendly in order to help you rank.
  • Embed maps. Embedding a Google map can be tricky, but it is a critical part of supporting local SEO efforts.  You want to embed a Google map tied to your Google My Business listing.
  • Verify your citations. Your business name is very important; it is what Google looks for in order to promote you.  Often, sloppy coding or content writing can throw off Google and cause your rankings to suffer.
  • Set up campaigns. We can set up your BrightLocal, Whitespark and other local SEO campaigns to ensure that you get the attention you deserve.

SEO Counsel will work with you to help you promote your business in a wide variety of ways, including through local search engine optimization.