How to remove your name from google search

Reputation ManagementHow to remove your name from Google search

Your reputation is still one of your most valuable possessions, even in today’s high-speed and high-tech world.  Once something bad is associated with your name online, it can overshadow your web presence and cause you to lose business or suffer personal embarrassment.

The problem is that it is impossible to remove information from Google.  Therefore, you must try to control the damage by saturating the search engines with good information about yourself so that the bad information is pushed away and people only see positive things associated with your name when they search for you.

How Google Search Results Work

Google search results are very complicated, and it can be very difficult to understand the way that the search engines manage their results.  Google and other search engines use algorithms or formulas to calculate which web pages should rise to the top of their search engine results pages or SERPs.  These formulas are carefully guarded, proprietary secrets; we can only infer what makes some things go to the top of the SERPs while other things fade into the back pages.

While you may be wondering how to remove your name from Google search because of something bad that has appeared about you, what you should probably be focusing on is getting a great deal of good information about yourself out there to counteract the negative.  The more positive information you post about yourself, the more likely that your positive stories will be listed first in the SERPs and the negative stories pushed into the background.

Can I Ever Remove Bad Information from the Web?

You want to know how to remove information from Google or how to remove yourself from Google search.  Unfortunately, there is no way to completely remove things that are posted about you.  Instead, what you must focus on is diluting the impact of that bad information so that you can regain a positive reputation.

Some companies will tell you that they can “remove” bad stories about you from Google or other search engines.  This is not true, and it is unethical for anyone to tell you that.  Our online reputation management services focus instead on clearing your reputation by posting a wide range of great things about you so that Google and other search engines associate you with positive stories.

What Types of Information May Appear About Me?

There are many types of information that lead to a bad online reputation.  You may be facing any of the following:

  • Bad reviews about your products. Disgruntled customers are not the only source of bad press.  It is not unheard of for competitors flood a website or social media with negative reviews in order to make their competition seem unprofessional.  How you handle these reviews will determine what your future customers see and how you are viewed by the rest of the world.
  • Untrue information about you. While you may be faced with a true smear campaign that you can stop with legal action, the fact is that most untrue information posted on the web is hard to combat.  Someone may post about you anonymously or may simply misrepresent factual information to cast you in a bad light.  It may not be possible to sue for slander, but you may be able to manage the negative information in such a way that your good character is protected.
  • Negative information in forums. Sometimes it is not your website that is under attack; instead, you may be mentioned in forums of other websites in a negative way.  In order to counter this type of information, it is very important to control both your responses and the reach of these negative postings.
  • Company disasters. Your product may have caused an injury or simply failed to perform at expected levels.  Whatever the case, you are now faced with managing how your customers see you.  They are certainly watching to see how you handle this situation; be sure to use professional measures to restore your good name.  Handling a company disaster well can actually boost your reputation in the future.

It is very difficult to manage your online reputation alone.  Instead, trust your future to a professional online reputation management company with experience in dealing with negative web postings, advertisements and other communications.  SEO Counsel is ready to help; just give us a call to learn more about how we can assist you in repairing or managing your online reputation.