SEO is business and Business is Booming

I wanted to start off by apologizing for neglecting the blog and this website. The past June, I accepted the role of SEO Manager at Over The Top Marketing. I have been in full gear working on their main client’s website and rankings. It has been a real challenging and rewarding job. I came on board as The Joint Chiropractic had 341 open locations. Today their 353 location just opened. That is 12 new franchises in 2 and half months.

Business is Booming.

I have gotten a chuckle from Antonio Browns’ “Business is Booming” tag line:

. Why wouldn’t I? I am a Steelers fan. Looking at the latest Analytic figures reminds that SEO is business and business is Booming. Traffic is up organically month over month. June’s organic traffic was 82,736 sessions. July was better by 91,925 sessions. August was our best month ever with 109,462 sessions. We blew away July by 17,537 sessions. Yes, I am grinning from ear to ear like Antonio Brown and as if I could I would leap and grab a goal post too

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I just won’t get flagged.

September’s data has me even more excited. We had 26,932 sessions for August 1st, 2016 to August 8th, 2016. There are 2 Mondays in that date range and Monday’s are our best traffic days. The same period of September 1st. 2016 to September 8th, which has only 1 Monday, our sessions are at 29,393. I need to preface the fact that Monday September 5th, 2016 was a Labor Day. Tuesday was our best day of the week with 4,397 sessions. I will need more time to tell if Tuesday’s numbers were high because of Monday being a National Holiday or if Monday’s number would have been even higher. What I do know is that we are up 2,461 sessions already my missing 2 full Monday’s of traffic.

Where is the new traffic coming from?

I started off with old school SEO. My first step was implementing weekly ranking reports with Brightlocal. I made sure that all locations were being tracked on every Sunday. This was to ensure that A. All of my reports would be completed by the time I got into work on Monday. I then set up a Googlesheet to track all of the weekly ranking report each Monday. One Monday I did not check the reports, but I filled out the form on Tuesday. Sorry, I was busy with another project that needed to be completed, but I knew that my data was waiting for me. I had 4 comments for my rankings, looking good, needs a slight push, needs a major increase and needs organic traffic (that was for locations where Yelp was out ranking us).

This allowed me to see and isolate the locations that were struggling the most. I took a closer look at the cities that were not ranking to figure out needed to be done to boost or jump start the rankings. What I soon discovered was some major seo nightmare. There were multiple website created to promote. There is the main Joint website and OTT had created city pages for the major metropolitan areas, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, etc. Citations were promoting the OTT websites. I quickly updated the ulrs for the major locations since never website was ranking.

The Joint had gone through a major name change from The Joint… the Chiropractic Place to The Joint Chiropractic. As I dug into the areas that were struggling, I noticed that there were several issues. A. not all citations reflected the new name. We were using Moz Local for citation monitoring. We dove in head first, closing all duplicates, fix all of the old names, swapping out the urls to promote and cleaning up all of the incorrect address. We then went in and edited all of the listings to add multiple categories and images. We took our lowest listing from a 35% accuracy to 50% in 4 days. The rest of updates are still pending as they take 2 to 6 weeks to be pushed out across the board.

I then had to take the painstakingly process of getting all of our citations into one dashboard. We are at 97% as of writing this post. Some listings we did not have access to any longer and had to get ownership transferred. I have 3 listings left I am awaiting Google’s help with. I don’t recommend filing several requests on the same day as it is extremely difficult to find the email to ask for a follow up. We were able to speed up the process by getting our account verified with Google. This helped us to make suggestions to get bad information corrected with Google.

Don’t forget technical SEO

My first week I performed a massive audit on the website and starting outline changes that were need to help boost the SEO. We are working with a third party vendor to incorporate the changes and have 90% of the changes implemented. We checked and reported the following:

404 errors and created 301 redirects
Removed subdomains that were causing duplicate content issues
Found 2 copies of each page were being built by a the software and created 301 redirects
Build out and sumbit a new xml sitemap.
Check for duplicate content and title tags.
Removed nofollow tags on internal links
Checked for and repair broken links
Audit each locations’ social media links and replace any broken ones

We started our next phase which consists of building out new citations. We stared with the locations that were struggling and will proceed to work on the locations not needing as much love. They will need the citations to help ensure that they continue to rank. Just because you plant is green and growing does not mean that it does not still need to be watered.

I am incredible grateful to be part of killer team too. We have 3 wonderful people working on Social Media and SEM. We have a person devoted full time to PPC and remarketing too. Our client support specialists have are rockstars too along with our content department. All of them and my team’s effort was felt mightly this past weekend. Google rolled out what looks like 2 updates. One affected maps, which we saw 75% of our locations start to show up on the maps for Chiropractor and Chiropractor + city name. This was like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine.

We are also seeing a major increase in organic rankings out side of the map 3 pack too. This is directly tied into the other Google update that John Mueller alluded too in his latest Google hangout. With the latest trend, we are going to continue to have our best month yet and it looks like the sky is the limit too. We have some cool tricks up our sleeves that we will be rolling out in the near future as well to help us to continue to dominate the market space. We will be documenting them for a future post as well so stay tuned.

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