SEO For Small Business

SEO For Small BusinessDo you need SEO for your small business? If you have a small business, you may think that there is little point in investing in SEO services.  After all, how can you compete with Internet giants who spend millions on marketing each year?  The answer may surprise you.  With the right small business SEO services from SEO Counsel, you can increase your reach, build a loyal clientele, and ultimately improve your business’s bottom line.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the term commonly used for search engine optimization, the practice of optimizing webpages so that they have the best chance of ranking highly in the results pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines.  SEO has become big business, with many companies promising incredible results to their clients.  Unfortunately, because the search engines are always changing their algorithms or formulas for ranking websites, SEO for small business is an ongoing job.

Furthermore, many SEO companies cannot deliver on their promises.  Those who have tried SEO for small businesses and experienced poor results may be unwilling to invest any more in SEO marketing.  However, a positive SEO experience awaits when you choose SEO Counsel as your search engine marketing firm.  With our help, you can succeed in SEO for small business!

Can SEO Counsel Really Get Me Results For My Small Business?

small business seo servicesAt SEO Counsel, we do not believe in making rash promises about search engine results.  Instead, we believe in thoroughly analyzing your website so that we can make the best SEO recommendations for your small business that will give you honest improvements in your search engine results rankings.

Here is how we go about providing SEO services for your small business:

  • Analyze your current website. Many search engine ranking problems can be quickly fixed with some small changes to your website.  This is particularly true if you have had your website for some time and have made changes through the years.  In order to make your website functional with today’s search engines, we delve into the deepest level of your web pages and fix the errors we find.
  • Add content to your website. One of the biggest problems with many websites in terms of SEO is that they lack quality content.  Your web pages need to be robust and filled with useful information.  It is not important to repeat your keywords over and over; in fact, you should avoid that.  Instead, you must have semantically sensible, useful content that will draw your customers in and provide them with the tools they need to understand your product or service.
  • Refresh your keywords. Your keywords are certainly important, and many businesses are simply using the wrong words to attract search engine attention.  By analyzing your keywords in terms of what your customers are actually looking for, we can provide you with the right set of keywords to attract attention to your website.
  • Analyze your linking strategy. In the old days, it was enough to have numerous links; it was quantity, not quality, that counted.  The search engines soon learned this, however, and today you are likely to be penalized for bad linking strategies.  We will analyze your links and ensure that you have a good strategy to support your SEO efforts.
  • Promote your website with the right techniques. Not only will we add quality content to your website, but we will also promote it through the right channels.  It is very important for you to participate not in just any social media, for example, but the right social media for your business.  We can also help you build quality links that will draw customers to you.

SEO Counsel can provide you with affordable SEO services for small business.  We scale everything we do to your individual needs, so you are not purchasing a huge SEO package when you do not need one.  We make custom recommendations for every business with which we work.  Your success is our goal, and we do everything possible to make sure that your SEO campaign is right for your particular needs.

small business internet marketing servicesCall us today at 949 445 3290 for small business internet marketing services to help you build a better website and rank more highly in the search engine results, no matter what the size of your company!