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Are you in need of a SEO website audit services?  If your website rankings have tanked, traffic is slow and new or more links do not seem to be helping, you may need a full audit on your website. If your traffic looks like this, you need real help now!

You need a Website SEO Audit

Fortunately, finding an expert to conduct your website audit is easy!

SEO Counsel delivers full and exhaustive SEO site audits.  We have been asked to audit so many websites that we have decided to offer this service full time to our customers.

Did You Know Most Drops In Rankings And Traffic Have Nothing To Do With Link Building? 

In the past, link building has been the focus for most improvements to existing websites.  In fact, this idea is so pervasive that most people assume that if they add more links or add the right links that their website traffic will automatically improve.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

A majority of loss in traffic is due to several technical issues affecting the overall website. The most common issues include:

  • Poor or missing metadata. Meta data refers to the data that search engines read to identify the web page and its purpose. Unless meta data is complete and targeted for the desired results, website traffic will be slim.  Even worse, incorrect meta data can lead to high bounce rates and user frustration as visitors arrive only to find that the information on the website is not what they have been lead to expect.
  • Missing alt image tags. Images can be a great way to improve your website’s look and rankings, but missing alt image tags will drain the value of your images.  Fixing this problem can quickly boost your search engine rankings and help interested users find your site.
  • Broken internal and external links. There is little that is more frustrating than a broken link.  In fact, broken links are often perceived as a sign of an unprofessional website.  Further, search engines may penalize you if your links are not working.

What Comes With A Website Audit Plan?

Our website audit plans include a wide range of services designed to increase your traffic and improve the quality of your Website.  Each audit includes:

  • Assessment of meta data. We will fix meta data that is too long or too short and correct any missing or duplicate content issues as well as incorrect text.
  • Repair of broken links. We will take care of broken links, both internal and external, replacing them with working links targeting high-quality pages.
  • Creating of alt image tags. We will ensure that your images have proper alt image tags to increase their value to search engines.
  • Review of content. If you have thin or duplicate content, you may be penalized by search engines.  We will review your content and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Include 301 redirects. If you have had more than one version of your website, there is a chance that you need 301 redirects to bring visitors to current pages.  We can set these up, ensuring that visitors to your website always land on the right page.

seo audit services

I made the recommended changes and started to see immediate results.
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