What is SEO


As a rule all SEO begins with keyword research. The explanation is rather simple – it is the most crucial step in the SEO process. To run a prosperous SEO campaign the one should chose right relevant keywords.

Speaking about Orange County SEO Company we must admit that the keyword research starts with finding the best keywords especially for you. It may look like very easy process – at the first sight. But in fact we consider words or phrases that are highly relevant to your business and have traffic behind them. Frankly speaking, we won’t rank your business for irrelevant phrases with zero traffic behind them. That would be not interesting and not challenging. To tell more – it is unacceptable for us. Every month we provide you with keyword reports due to which you will analyze and evaluate tangible results. What is more – you will see how the work we are doing for you is paying off.


As we have already mentioned, on-site SEO is extremely essential aspect for all websites. We arrange it various different processes at Orange County SEO Company.

The most important part is tag optimization. HTML tags have different uses and meanings. To optimize your site in a right way each tag should be properly used. The next step – we create content and crawl diagnostics. All these steps are extremely important if you want to achieve maximum results. Then we make sure that on-site optimization is done properly with appropriate keyword spread through the content. If all these steps are done – you get friendly experience and search engines that are able to index your site in a proper way.

We assure you that when on-site SEO is done correctly, when it is combined with powerful off-site SEO – the results will be dazzling!

Content Creation

Earlier it was easy to spam Google and other search engines easily using keyword stuffing abundance. However, Google has intensified their efforts to provide clients with a better search experience and has assumed measures on banning spamming websites. These measure were great thing for all of us but at the same time it became more difficult to create quality usable content for users. Practical content exists in many forms. The most effective form of content is a blog. Maintaining a blog on a regular basis can be monotonous and demanding, but the results are impressive.

Orange County SEO Company has an up-to-date copywriting team with majors in public relations and communications. Each team-worker has writing quality for blogs and websites. Their imaginative minds helps to achieve impressive results in such spheres as technology, plastic surgery, insurance etc. it doesn’t matter – in what industry you are, we can help you to create quality content.


Off-site SEO is SEO activities that don’t actually exist on your website. Off-site SEO is primarily building backward links, which means links to other people’s websites, blogs, etc. that send users back to your website. Off-site SEO consists of several types of activities, and all of them are created to enhance rankings. In fact, two out of three of the most successful forms of off-site SEO occur onsite, link-bait and infographics.

The unfortunate fact is that off-site SEO is tricky sphere where many SEO companies fail. They lack the ability to build links to get higher rankings. Our experience in building high quality links is unparalleled. Our off-site link building activities include:

Creation of link-bait
creation and distribution of infographics
Webmaster Outreach
Creation and Distribution of press releases
Manual Link Building

Being SEO Company, we never build links on potentially illegal and harmful sites. We DO NOT build links on adult or porn sites, gambling sites, illegal sites and any other potentially harmful sites. We are ethical and honest with our clients especially when it comes to link building efforts.

Speaking about Orange County SEO Company, we do believe in being responsible for our work and keeping our clients’ the website status up to date. On the one hand – we accomplish this due to our own reporting software. This system allows us to show you what impact SEO has on your website. Most companies simply automate a report and charge you for it – but we do not. We have integrated the power of Google Analytics and other metrics to create our own software, and we will provide you with results in actionable reporting. Our reports include items such as:

Keyword traffic
Link building analysis
On-page analysis
Crawl diagnostics

Landing pages are created specially for visitors to land on after clicking on an online ad or search result. They are crucially important and relevant to the user’s search. Landing pages make the first impression about your company and it is the first your chance to convince them to act. Because of this, effective landing pages are essential for each business’ website. At SEO Counsel, we have built thousands of unique landing pages and managed to optimize them to give visitors the best possible experience.

Our landing page optimization services include:

creation of customized landing pages for target keywords
content creation
internal link building