Why Guaranteed Ranking Companies Need To Be Avoided

no guaranteed top ranking If a company claims that they can “guarantee” your search engine rankings, why should you avoid doing business with them? There are plenty of good reasons, including the fact that most companies that make this promise simply cannot deliver. Here is the truth behind guaranteed SEO rankings and why you should choose other companies to help you with your marketing.

1) SEO guarantees have a poor track record. “Too good to be true” is a phrase that has never been more appropriate than when dealing with SEO companies. The fact is that these companies can almost never deliver on their promises, and if they can, it is often because they are employing tactics that will punish your company in the long run.

2) Google, Bing and Yahoo warn against “guaranteed” results. If you need proof that guaranteed tactics do not work, why not take the word of the very search engines where you want to rank? All search engines have made explicit statements that warn businesses and individuals to beware false search engine ranking promises. Google perhaps said it most simply and best: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” No one has an inside track with these search engine, no matter what they claim.

3) Rankings change. The fact is that rankings are continuously updated and are affected by hundreds of factors. Even if a company can get you to Number One, the chances that they can keep you there are miniscule.

4) Rankings are not indicative of overall performance. Oddly enough, rankings do not equal website traffic. A good SEO campaign measures the true increase in traffic to your website, which is what drives return on investment, not whether you are #2 or #3 in the SERPs.

5) Your SEO company has no rankings control. There is no way to control search engine rankings. Any company that suggests that they do has an inherent ethical problem. Stay away from them, as they are probably not an honest business. Spend your money on a company with a proven track record of integrity and you will always have a better return for your marketing dollar.

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